About the Restoration of Hope Clinic

Restoration of Hope was born through the frustration of patients who were being told by their oncologists and medics that there was nothing more that can be done. These words send people away without hope of any possible recovery.

A patient has little chance of being made well if they have no hope!

The patient can become disillusioned of any suggestions of ‘alternative treatments’ as they are not endorsed by the medics. Restoration of Hope is about providing hope.

The Restoration of Hope Clinic is a chocolate box style cottage. Set in over 2.5 acres near the wonderful home of Winnie the Pooh and his ‘Enchanted Forest’, it is easily accessible by car or public transport.

The accommodation is usually two people to a room, but can be single occupancy on request and subject to availability. The food provided is Seasonal and organic/biodynamic, some home grown, others from the local farm shops.

The clinic is part of a well established healing centre in East Sussex that facilitates Retreats and Weekend Programmes.

Out buildings on the premises include The Sanctuary of Light Studio; for classes, meditation and workshops and additional accommodation and The Cabin Clinic; for specialist treatments and a massage and sauna area.

About Merlee

The clinic is run by Merlee Harris ND, who has spent over 41 years totally dedicated to health and wellbeing and spiritual development. Merlee has owned and managed successful businesses, as well as facilitating health and wellbeing retreats in several countries.

In June 2007 Merlee was awarded the BEAMM for Recognition of Enterprise, Excellence and Achievement. In August 2014 The Global Directory of Who’s Who, honoured Merlee V.Harris, N.D. as a Life Time Member, in recognition of hard work, dedication, perseverance and for demonstrating leadership and contributions to the medical profession as a Top Health Professional.